Quantum Chemistry: What is it!

We know Chemistry is the study of how atoms, molecules react in the microscopic level. On the other hand, the word ‘Quantum‘ came from ‘Quanta‘. Actually radiation is considered to be consists of particles, each such particle is called ‘Quanta‘. For light radiation, it is called ‘Photon‘.
Well, we now know what each of the words means separately. But what meaning comes out when we join both of the words? So Quantum Chemistry is that branch of chemistry which deals every physical phenomena assuming the dual nature of matter. Basically it contains pure mathematics like Calculous, Integration, Summation, Product and many other operations. 
It is interesting in the fact that we can prove and mathematically understand every physical phenomena. In some Universities, Quantum Chemistry is taught independently. But in most of the Universities, it is taught as a chapter of physical chemistry.
There is a lot more things in the universe to uncover with the help of ‘Quantum Chemistry‘.
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