Preparation and bonding of a Dinitrogen ligand complex..

Pentaamine (dinitrogen) ruthenium (II) chloride is an inorganic compound with the formula [Ru (NH3)5(N2)] Cl2. It is a nearly white solid, but its solutions are yellow.  The cationic complex has the following structure-


It can be prepared from Ruthenium (III) Chloride and hydrazine hydrate.

RuCl3+ 4N2H4 →[Ru (NH3)5 N2]2+

The N2 complex is stable in aqueous solution has a relatively low ligand exchange rate with water.

The N-N distance in the complexes is only slightly increased [1.12 (+/-) 0.02 Å compared to 1.10 Å in N2] and the stretching frequency also lies in the triple bond range 1990-2160 cm-1 compared to 2345 cm-1 in N2