Trick to learn spectrochemical series

Spectrochemical series
Trick to learn spectrochemical series

Spectrochemical series is very important to know the strength of the ligands in coordination complex compounds.

Ligands upto and containing H2O mentioned in the spectrochemical series are weak field ligands. After H2O, all the ligands are strong field ligands.


Spectrochemical Series

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APSC (Pre) Chemistry Optional Previous Paper Solutions with Explanation

Are you preparing for Assam Civil Service Exam with Chemistry optional?

You must be searching for solutions of previous papers of Chemistry optional of APSC. But there are very less website with APSC Chemistry solved papers.

So as a contribution towards the fellow ACS aspirants, I have prepared a Youtube playlist of previous Chemistry papers solutions. Hope it will help you.

Till now (May 2020), only solved APSC (Pre) Chemistry paper of 2015 is uploaded. I will also upload more papers in next few weeks.

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